Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Birds, Tippi & Melanie, Vietnamese Nail Bars, Sushi

I have just finished watching (Hitchcock's) "The Birds"... what a stinker! If that was his 1st film, it would have been his last. Fascinating though to watch a terrible wooden actress (Tippi Hedren) who would in later years give birth to another terrible actress (Melanie Griffith). Tippi's current wikipedia entry is a little strange:

"To the right is a picture of Hendren strung out on methamphetamines. She was introduced to the drug during her illicit love affair with Alfred Hitchcock on the set of 'The Birds', their first of many cinematographic and sexual collaborations."

and further:

In a
Los Angeles Times article, Ms. Hedren was described as being a pivotal figure in the modern development of Vietnamese owned nail salons in the US. She was apparently drawn to the plight of Vietnamese refugees from the Vietnam War and, in 1975, helped 20 Vietnamese immigrants by having her manicurist teach them the skills of the trade. This single event in history has been cited as the genesis of the modern proliferation of Vietnamese owned nail salons in the US.[21]

and further:

Melanie Griffith's half sister invented "sushi without fish" according to Wikipedia:

Griffith also developed her unique spin on sushi—sushi without raw fish. This led to a publishing deal for her cookbook “Sushi American Style”

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