Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Animal Naturopathy: Stop the torture! Call PETA.

Driving past the local Vet clinic today and saw a new sign : "Animal Naturopathy". I think this should be illegal- but i'm sure PETA doesn't care.
If you're sentient to know better but actually choose to be stupid- then good for you for believing in astrology, naturopathy, god etc... but these poor dumb animals don't know any better.
Naturopathy relies on the placebo effect - but i'm pretty sure that a poodle would interpret a session of "Animal Acupuncture" as a hostile act. They didn't even stoop that low in Gitmo!
Pouring some green concoction down Snoopy's throat seems a little less like torture- but still you'd have to see it as an unneccesary annoyance to the dog.
When will the cruelty end?

p.s. i've emailed PETA and PETER (Singer that is) but have only received automated replies.

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