Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X minus One: Radio SF from 1955

Even the Jetsons thought this was a bit OTT.

"X Minus One" is a great old science fiction radio series from the 50's- now available for you ipod. What's always fascinating to me is the past's view of the future. (Here's a great website i've spent hours looking through: "Tales of Future Past")

Listening with a 2008 sensibility must be completely unlike listening back in 1955. In 2008, you notice that certain things 'jar'- like moon-base ashtrays, blatant office sexism, or using morse code to send signals to mars. The things you were presumably 'supposed' to notice as being futuristic- like instantaneous 2-way audio/video communication - you have difficulty in even noticing at all!

It's hard not to be smug with 20/20 hindsight... i'm sure all our current 'futures' will seem as ludicrous to the Martian trans-humanists in 50 years.

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