Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eat Shit for Money: Idea for Reality-TV Game Show.


I spend very little time watching the "idiot-box" , and too too much time in front of the "clever-box" (i.e. the interweb) that i got a shock the other night when i switched on the TV and saw how bad it had become.

Reality show after reality show- but what do they have in common? Self-degradation for cash prizes. In a few years it'll hit "rock-bottom"- but why wait?

So here's my pitch- lets SIMPLIFY. The presmise of ESFM- a panel of contestants are encouraged (goaded) by a doubling jackpot (and a handsome host with a 12 Da-Vinci Porcelain Veneer Smile) to eat a piece of shit. Additionally, to sweeten the deal, the size of the piece of shit is progressively halved.

This is what i think - everyone has their price. Would you eat a 75g turd for $1.60? Probably not. But what about 0.0001 g for 15 million dollars?

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