Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jazz For Kids

it don't mean a thing {if it ain't got that swing} Glen miller
The Music Goes 'Round and Around Louis Prima
A-Tisket A-Tasket Ella Fitzgerald
Pennies from Heaven Louis Prima
Reet Petite Jackie Wilson
Rag Mop Lionel Hampton
A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird Louis Jordan
Sing, Sing, Sing - Louis Prima
Chattanooga Choo Choo Andrew Sisters
The Muffin Man Ella Fitzgerald
The Woody Woodpecker Song Danny Kaye & the Andrews Sisters
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie Louis Jordan
Mambo Italiano Rosemary Clooney
Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly Louis Armstrong
Anything You Can Do Irving Berlin
Shadrack Louis Prima
Jeepers creepers Louis Armstrong
In The Mood Glen Miller
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Andrew Sisters
Sway with Me Rosemary Clooney
Caravan Eddie Torres
Minnie The Moocher Cab Calloway
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ella Fitzgerald
If I only had a Brain Harry Connick Jr.
Honeysuckle Rose Reinhardt/ Grapelli

This is my list of Jazz for kids- compiled after hours of extensive research and lime-wiring. Why can't little kids listen to Jazz? In India they feed infants curry. This is my argument. They LOVE it! Actually who knows really- they might say to each other when they are 15 "What was that crazy s%^t Dad made us listen to in the car?", and "I hate spicy food".

As you can see :

a) name your kid "Louis" if you want to give him a chance to be a Jazz star. Being African-American also helps. Jewish "Louis"es are just as liable to end up as accountants so be careful.

b) can ANY OTHER MUSIC match the energy and 'joie de vivre' of Louis Prima's "Sing Sing Sing"? No. It has a certain "i don't know what". Tragic that he ended up in a coma for the last year of his life.

c) can ANY OTHER MUSIC match the profundity Louis Jordan's lyrics:

Some folks call it a fowl,
That's the story I heard,
But let 'em call it this and let 'em call it that,
A chicken ain't nothin' but a bird.

You can boil it, roast it, broil it,
Cook it in a pan or a pot, (brown it!)
Eat it with potatoes, rice or tomatoes,
Chicken is still what you got, boy!

It was a dish for old Caesar,
Also King Henry the Third,
But Columbus was hip, he said "Take this tip-
A chicken ain't nothin' but a bird."

d) not on this list - but winging it's way through the night from Amazon to me right now is a new kids jazz CD from Medeski Martin & Wood (no they're not a law firm). Click here- to play "Where's the music"...

MMW 300

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