Thursday, March 06, 2008

David Palmer

Yes i know these are just swirls of blue paint- but you've got to admit they are pretty cool. ...
"David Palmer’s single brushstroke paintings transgress the classical caricature of brushstrokes by painters such as Roy Lichtenstein and James Nares. Palmer’s single brushstroke work takes action painting into a new territory where Pollock’s metaphor of the artist as nature meets the realm of artificial perfection. At the antipode of instant but timeless accumulation of painting drips, Palmer’s extreme abstractions are a single movement of energy . The fusion of paint and body “climaxes” in spins that turn paint into erotic feelings"

um.. yeah? that's what i was thinking too. Wasn't i just talking about Lichtenstein last week and how he was caricaturing classical brushstrokes and how that scene needed transgressing? and stuff? Cool. Erotic! Like that Anais Nin story about that party where everyone goes nude but painted in a single color- and one dude finds out his sexy wife is screwing around because she ends up getting a tell-tale blue smudge on her brown.

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