Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Questions i have for this week

Iran political map

1. Why are there no black rock bands?
2. Why don't people brush their teeth with hot water?
3. Why/How did the French+Russian Revolutions wind up with Napoleon+Stalin?
4. Why does Rapamycin make you live longer?
5. Is it really always darkest before the dawn?
6. Was Earth's sky blue before photosynthetic plants made all that oxygen? ( this depends on the relative importance of oxygen vs nitrogen in the scattering of high wavelength light from the sun).
7. When will we start to hate Obama?
8. Why can't the world donate millions of wireless internet routers to be installed just across the Iranian border in Turkmen/Afghan/Pakistan + Azerbaijan? That way, the resistance movement can bypass state controlled internet filtering. Maybe the same can be done for China? Free Internet = Free Porn = Democracy.
9. Who invented the question mark?


  1. nullniks@gmail.com7:43 AM

    1. This question is ignorant of contemporary rock music and rock music history. There are plenty of rock bands made up of musicians who happen to be black, but perhaps you knew that. Hopefully the initial question was meant to raise multiple new questions; ranging from the way music is marketed, to class struggle and racial stereotyping.

    2. Some people do.

    3. Because both Napoleon and Stalin made sure that there would be no more 'revolutions' (democratic progress) for a while.

    4. I do not know.

    5. No.

    6. Probably. The Martian sky is blue.

    7. A lot of people dislike Obama to the point of hatred.

    8. That would probably infringe on international law.

    9. Seems like you're on top of that one.

  2. Steve R9:42 PM

    Wrt Q1 - Do living colour count. I know they are pretty funky, but the cranking riffs, pounding drums and wailing lead vocal have them firmly in the ROCK section of my catalogue


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