Friday, April 24, 2009

Who is Meekakitty?

I'm not sure. From what i can work out she's actually Tessa- 19 year old part-time model from New York. I know she's thinking about switching from PC to Mac, that she's been to Thailand on holiday and that she pops the lenses out of her thick-rimmed spectacles before vlogging. I don't know why i care but somehow i do. She's sexy in a very GEEKY way- and somebody should put her in a Woody Allen film quick! Listening to her stream-of-consciousness verbiage is exhausting but somehow she remains oddly endearing.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    second video is private?

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Why us the second vid private! It looks interesting!

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Ok.... To add to/correct the original post...
    MeekaKitty is 19 (turns 20 this month) and her name is Tessa. (Tessa Violet to be specific) She is originally from Oregon, and moved to New York after landing a modeling deal. She rents a studio apartment in New York, in the same apartment complex as her agents! She is a world wide model, and spends much of her time outside of the US, even though her apartment and other part time job reside here. I definitely have to agree with the previous statement.... She is very sexy, in a geeky way! She can be found on Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, and followed on Twitter. She will post tweets on anything from your favorite iPhone app, to your highest score in Blockles!
    She would also like you all to know that she lost the game... as have I!
    So yea... She is pretty much amazing! = )

    I hope that helps
    ~Richard in Oregon

  4. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Sin verguenza! Tienes dinero para viajar y pediste "para el college" y te fuiste a Roma. Caradura! Y todavia pones videos!!! La gente es tonta, no se da cuenta. Y sabes que? Si fueras fea, nadie te toleraria porque tu personalidad es odiosa y ese comico amigo tuyo, te haria pedazos sin misericordia.
    Deberias seguir de modelo, bella y sin abrir la boca!!!

  5. Anonymous5:18 PM

    i dont know but i think that she is one of the cuttest girls on youtube,correct me if im wrong?
    NO im im not wrong she is beeeaaauuuttiiifuuulll.

  6. claro que no y muy su pedo en lo que gasta, no tengass envidia por que ella si tiene exito y tu no!

  7. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Es una pena que Meekakitty no pueda entender el comentario anterior, porque es absolutamente verdad. Así que, para el deleite de sus fans y de los que creemos que no es más que otra americana tonta y sin talento, lo traduciré:

    You scoundrel! You can travel, yet you asked for money for “college” and you went to Rome. What a nerve! And you even uploaded videos about it! People are stupid and they don´t realize it. And you know what? If you were ugly, no one would be able to tolerate your twisted personality, and that comedian friend of yours would destroy you with no mercy.
    You should continue to be a model, looking pretty and keeping your mouth shut.
    (Translation of Anonymous -8:01 A.M.-)


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