Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Chameleon by David Grann

Incredible non-fiction from the "annals of crime" at The New Yorker. A child goes 'missing' - presumed murdered- only to reappear many years later. How cruel is the act of the imposter? The poor family, consumed with grief for all these years - now to have and hold their cherished lost child once again. Despite the glaring fact that his eyes are now brown- not blue- the family accept him as their own. Why? Is it grief that allows them to believe- or do they do so to cover their own evil deeds? Un-murder. The imposter, intent on spinning his own web- is caught in another. Creepy but true.

Bourdin once wrote, “When you fight monsters, be careful that . . . you do not become one.” Photograph by Fran├žois-Marie Banier.

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