Thursday, December 11, 2008

Theresa Andersson

Swedish spunk Theresa Andersson is amazing .. heard this song on npr's "song of the day" and loved it- but had no idea that she was a one woman show! Is that an Ikea shoe rack she's using to hold her guitar pedals? Oh well- i guess she is Swedish! And i think that stool is also from Ikea. Two other things- one is (although i have a 'foot aversion') i think she also has very sexy dextrous feet- like a MONKEY. The second is - you never see guys doing this shtick - always girls (KT Tunstall , Laura veirs etc) .. because we can't multitask. Many of us can barely unitask. I cannot talk and write at the same time. My brother-in-law apparently cannot drive and talk at the same time. I cannot drive and change the track on my ipod at the same time- yet i do try. I'd like to see a fMRI of Theresa's brain when she's singing and got all 4 limbs playing different instruments. If only she had a tail!

npr version here (better audio quality)

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