Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stevie Wonder Was Twins!

Listening to his music, it's almost as if- could it really be true- there were TWO Stevie Wonders? Has anyone seen the movie "The Prestige"? It's like that.

Don't let all the BAD BAD Stevie Wonder songs like these:

1. Jungle Fever: "I've got jungle fever. She's got jungle fever. We've got jungle fever" Ebola Epidemic?
2. Knocks Me Off My Feet: "I see us in the park, strolling...." for goodness sake.
3. Castle of Love: "..I've been building my castle for two.." Is that birds' chirping i can hear or some mp3 artifact?
4. Part Time Lover: "Knowing it's so wrong, but feeling it's so right!"
5. I'll be Loving You Always: something or other about "rosebuds blooming in early may"
6. My Cherie Amour: "lovely as a summer day, distant as the milky way".
7. These 3 Words: "When was the last time that i heard you say: mother or father i love you?"
8. Every other Stevie Wonder song not listed here

..turn you off all the GOOD GOOD GOOD Stevie Wonder songs like these. Crank up the button that says "vol" and you won't be able to stop smiling and wiggling your head. Try! Impossible!

1. Master Blaster (Jammin'): Peace has come to Zimbabwe- well... not quite but Cholera (yes), HIV (yes)...
2. Higher Ground: Bloggers KEEP ON BLOGGING!
3. Living for the City: Living just enough for the CI-TAYYY!!!
4. Sir Duke: I can feel it all over Stevie!!!
5. Superstitious: Even the 1st 2 bars are worth the price of admission!
6. Signed Sealed Delivered: Here i am Baby!

Borderline Stevie Wonder... but if you've been dumped/just fallen in love/celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day then these soppy numbers might seem OK.

1. Isn't She Lovely: Yes she is - borderline soppy but still funky
2. Happy Birthday- now that you know its about the fight to get a national holiday to commemorate MLK's assassination it's hard to dance around in your pyjamas on your own birthday without thinking about social justice issues.
3. You Are the Sunshine of my Life: sing it at your wedding.

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