Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Font Rage

There are a few things that really piss me off. One is companies that chose their name in the 90's, thinking that the year 2000 would sound futuristic: "M2000 Car Rentals" comes to mind. How dumb that sounds now- particularly when combined with fucking POOR FONT CHOICE! Would you trust a neurosurgeon with a Comic Sans* door-plate? Sure, he'd probably be a friendly fat sweaty guy- but that sweat could drip into your brain intra-operatively. The other thing i hate is companies that call themselves "Just Jeans" or "Just Vacuums" or "Just for Cats". After a while they realize that well- maybe they do actually sell stuff for dogs- then they have to add in a little sub-plot: "we're not just for cats!"- usually there's an exclamation point (don't ask me why but it adds a little saccharine cheeriness).

no comic sans sticker

* There is now an "I Hate Comic Sans" web group of cranks that i've now joined. See how the internet can bring crazy people together? it's great.

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