Monday, October 13, 2008

Free the Licking Valley Girl and Lock Up Bill Henson!

A 15 year old girl from "Licking Valley" (But seriously- i thought this was a joke given the name of the locality but turns out truth is stranger than fiction.) has been charged with possession of child pornography - pictures that she took of herself in the buff.

Does that mean that when a 15 year old girl looks at herself in the mirror she's committing a crime? Obviously not. Perhaps the crime was in the photographing- the creation of the image?

I think the problem probably was that the 15 year old was not an "Art" photographer and she did not get her parents' permission - unlike controversial Australian photographer Bill Henson (see below). Apparently, HIS portraits are just fine!! Seriously- WHAT is/has he been thinking? It is so so wrong.

My opinion- Free the Licking Valley Girl and lock up Henson.

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