Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harper Lee, Laptop Warmth, Erythema Ab Igne

Just got my MacBook battery replaced - it died, they took it, they replaced it- no cost. Why? Because it's less than 6 months since they last replaced it. Great idea - i think i'll take my MacBook down to the MRI department and rub it on the magnet every 11.99 months.
I remember reading an interview with the reclusive Harper Lee (author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird') where she expressed a view that paperbacks will neve die because "who has ever heard of anyone curling up in bed with a laptop?". Obviously she has never owned a laptop - the heat generated by my MacBook battery is incredible ! There is a well described phenomenon in dermatology known as "erythema ab igne" - reticulate (netlike) erythema (redness) after prolonged exposure to infra-red radiant heat. It's often recognised on little old ladies' shins but is quite common nowdays on the anterior thighs from prolonged exposure to laptop heat. image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


  1. i've often wondered why it is that mac laptops are that much hotter than pc's. With a powerbook, it might be related to the metal housing?

    But the almost run hot enough to use as a panini grill! :)

  2. Yes you're correct- Apple has been secretly researching "thigh paninification" techniques for decades. It's all part of the military-industrial-panini complex.



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