Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dark Black Hole?

This is not really a blog post- more a question. Those who peruse the blog will know i have no real grasp of physics but at least i am interested in these deep questions.

I'm also fascinated by how extraordinary things can become mundane: Antimatter? Big Deal! it's got the wrong charge- otherwise almost the same as ordinary stuff. Black Holes? boring - there's one in the middle of every galaxy. Wave-particle duality? Meh! When you don't look, it's a wave- when you look it's a particle. Easy. Like Alice in Wonderland, you really can "Believe six impossible things before breakfast.".

The hip cool stuff now is dark matter and dark energy .. and i was wondering ... can you get a black hole forming from the gravitational collapse of dark matter? Presumably, it doesn't interact strongly enough with gravity to form dark matter planets, stars, galaxies.. but is this just because the universe is only 14.7 billion years old? Given enough time, wouldn't it start to clump like non-dark matter?


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