Monday, March 17, 2008

War on Terror vs Terror on Terror

Have been thinking about the "War on Terror".... and , yes, i know this is a marketing phrase but i think it demonstrates that we just don't get what the aim of terrorism is: simply- TERROR!!!

We really should have declared "Terror" on terror- not a War on Terror. We play by the rules, and they fly planes into buildings. (Kudos USA , by the way, for the waterboarding etc).

We need to have our own suicide bombers and send them in to terrorist strongholds to blow themselves up. Simple. Now, if only we could find a way to recruit.... we should start (as the enemy does) at the earlist stage of infancy with an indoctrination of hate, a strong belief in the afterlife etc.

Why not send the Mob in to clean up the mess (think Cuba in the 60's) ? This, i think would be a great plot for a movie: "Al Capone vs Al-Qaida" (working title).

Clearly, i have limited understanding of international politics but i thought i'd share my thoughts.


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