Saturday, March 01, 2008

See Line Woman vs Sealion Woman

Feist does (and did when i saw her last week) a great version of the Nina Simone classic "See Line Woman"... although she did rename it "Sealion" on her Reminder album. It's about a high class hooker- rather than a pinniped mammal.

On a similar note, "History According to Bob" has a great podcast about the complex French prostitution classification- from the lowly streetwalkers to the "Demi-Monde"... although i can't seem to find it on his archive list anymore! Nevermind- great podcast anyway.


  1. I just had a similar conversation with my husband. If people are pushing to legalize marijuana, why not prostitution?

    The government could make a pretty penny on both if properly regulated.

  2. Sealion vs See line:

    i remember at school having an argument over the lyrics of a song from The Village People- You Can't Stop the Music.

    correctly, i argued they were "let the rain fall up", NOT "make the rainbow dark".

    in those days preinternet- there was no way to put an end to these stupid disputes- they lasted for months if not years.

    Sealion woman,
    Skin of shiny brown,
    Swims forever,
    Does not drown,
    Sealion woman.

    Re: stoned and screwed? yeah baby!

  3. There have been so many versions of this song, that there can't be said to be any "right" version -- it began life as a rope-skipping chant (for keeping time while you double-dutch), and was recorded in 1939 by the Ship Sisters, two sharecropper's daughters from Mississippi. It's been recorded as See-Line Woman, Sea Lion Woman, C-Line Woman, She Lyin' Woman, etc etc.

  4. Dear Very-Knowledgeable-Sara,

    Ok i get where you're coming from re: 'no correct interpretation' cultural relativism etc... but seriously i don't ever think it was supposed to be "Sea Lion Woman"?

    What if the Supremes had recorded a version of "See Line Woman" but changed the lyrics and the tune slighly and then retitled it "you can't hurry love"?

    Thanks for leaving a message by the way. Do you like the blog?



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