Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shaved and Horny : Myostatin Revisited

A while ago i blogged about myostatin- a gene that inhibits muscle growth. When the gene is defective, muscle growth continues unabated. Here's a National Geographic video about it- with particular reference to the "double muscled" Belgian Blue cow. The interviewer is clearly an idiot - "does that mean they have two of every muscle?".

Note the muscle tremors - "myoclonus". Why isn't PETA outraged? Because these cows were "bred" the old fashioned way.

It's reminiscent of the furore over GM Canola. The fact is Canola has already been "Gee-Emmed".

Canola used to be green, bitter, smelly and (to top it off) contained a potential cardiotoxin. After bombardment with mutating X-rays and a bit of artificial selection- bingo! - toxin eliminated. Of course the old moniker "rapeseed oil" had to be ditched - "Canola" comes from the term "Canadian Oil, Low Acid".

Synopsis: Test tube or selective breeding? - It doesn't matter how an animal (or plant ) has been "genetically modified"- what matters is how freaky it ends up being. I think we should ban the Belgian Blue, and while we're at it - these ugly dogs. Any other suggestions?


  1. It is the bovine version of Arnold Schwartzenegger. I am sorely tempted to become a vegetarian.

    Animals are bred to enhance meat production, and humans are bred to become lemmings...interesting.

  2. Anonymous2:24 AM

    You have to weigh out the pros and cons to this, is it right to treat animals this way? No. But is it right to deprive ourselves of meat because of it? Debatable. Definetly. In my opinion I'd say yes but a lot of people work against the ideals in life take fur loving celebs but do we cherish them any less?


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