Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lavazza Girls!

I have seen this ad for Lavazza coffee quite a few times over the last few years... it's one of the only ads i've ever seen (and i must have seen billions) that i keep thinking about...

Firstly- what's going on? Well, obviously, a very attractive brunette air-hostess has 'abandoned ship' in mid-flight. Why? She is a terrorist sleeper agent from Al Qaida. It is 9/11.

Having activated the bomb- she dons her parachute and jumps out the emergency exit- the sudden depressurization sucking many through the aperture with her to fall cartwheeling to their deaths.

She has just a minute before this to make a good strong cup of coffee (Lavazza of course!) and grab her handbag. Oh - and lets not forget the saucer and spoon.

But boy- she is a sexy terrorist. Phew! Look at those old-fashioned stockings & suspenders. She's probably already synchronized her rolex and is meeting her contact on the ground in a few minutes. Is coffee-breath sexy? No. That's why she needs the suspenders.

I think i've always had a 'thing' for girls from the 30's... strange but that they're all over 100 now or dead.

Many years ago, in my 1st year as a medical student when stonewash was new, and i was still wearing hi-top basketball sneakers - i met a librarian (i returning books) in what was called the "Biological Sciences Library" before it was knocked over.

This creaky old hot wooden building was the last place i expected to find a very cute girl -librarian dressed up in what appeared to be a bell-bottomed sailor suit - complete with a 30's deco hairdo and a curl over her left eye. A vision. I had just discovered 'Swing' music via Benny Goodman at that point. (My Grandfather's old 78's).

In my fantasy she would berate me for returning my books late- it would end in a struggle that would by chance approximate my lips with hers. We would discuss the Dewy Decimal System late into the night.

Since then i've always had a fondness for the 30's - despite WWII!* The music, the design, but mostly the way women looked then. I feel nostalgic for a period 40 years before i was born.

I think that's why i really like this:

p.s. it seems Lavazza has been doing great photography for decades. Check here.
* On that note- very funny is Comedy Central's "I Love The 30's"

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  1. and every other hot-blooded man. Only the fortunate women know the secret and dress accordingly. ;)


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