Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rap Music I Can Stand

Caught a few minutes of "8-mile" and remembered why i hate almost all rap- except for these- the only 5 good rap songs ever made/written ... i include 'Wham Rap' in this list as it was the 1st rap song i ever heard.. even though it is terrible.


  1. Generally speaking, I can only stand rap when I am in the mood to go out partying...even then it is short lived.

    Good choices. Except, um, for the Wham! reference of course. =)

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    WHAT!!! No Vanilla Ice? You may be interested to know that since his "2nd coming" he is crediting himself with paving the way for all white rappers such as Eminem. No, he wasn't being sarcastic or tongue in cheek - he really believes it.

    Steve Rodrigues

  3. no.. i couldn't stand "Ice Ice Baby"... although i do hum when using the liquid nitrogen.

    but seriously can you beat's lyrics "Brazilian booties with tooties that wobble- boobies like tooties (?) that fog up your goggles".


  4. Reggie-

    you didn't like Wham Rap??? c'mon!


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