Friday, December 07, 2007

Lettuce Hating Devil Worshippers
I'm a big fan of "Flying Spaghetti Monsterism"- hallelujah! i have been touched by the "noodly appendage"!

This spoof (?) religion that aims to jam the religious right's "intelligent design" argument with a "teach the controversy" idea of it's very own. Central tenets of this so-called "Pastafarian" religion are:

a) heaven contains beer volcanos and stripper factories
b) something to do with midgets
c) the decline in piracy (of the old fashioned type) has caused global warming.

Anyway- whilst listening to the fantastically excellent podcast of Stanford's "Geography of World Cultures" i learned of an even funnier religion. An ancient middle eastern religion (Yazidi or Yezidi) consisting of lettuce hating devil worshippers. This sounded to me like a South Park gag- but turns out it's true- if you can believe Wikipedia. As there is only an oral tradition- nobody can quite remember the exact reason why lettuce is forbidden. This farcical state of affairs underscores the need to chisel things on tablets now and then.

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