Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Whilst browsing through porn -sorry- "Nudes" at my local bookstore (New York girls as you've never seen them before- naked mostly except for one or two glass dildos) - i came across an amazing photographic book called "Creature" by Andrew Zuckerman. I guess the animals were also mostly nude- and also that the girls were also strictly speaking animals (mammals).

I digress- here is the website- my favourite portrait is of the Cougar. Every last hair , every fleck of color in it's green eyes is visible- the online image doesn't do it justice. I hesitated- and didn't buy it. Who buys those big books anyway? Even if you're a photographer (or a zookeeper) really- how many times are you going to get it out? It's not as if you need to be reminded what a turtle looks like. I'd like to get a few posters though ...

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