Monday, November 19, 2007

Replusive, Grey Fatty Thing

How does the repulsive grey fatty thing in your head give rise to the conscious mind? Is a philosopher more likely to find the answer than a neuroscientist? This is a great podcast from a series called "Philosophy Bites". (Remember "Reality Bites"? -Free Winona Horowitz!)
Nigel Warburton (blog here) has another podcast where he essentially reads chapters from his latest book - an introduction to philosophy. It nearly ALMOST always makes sense- highly recommended.
Once again, i find "thinking about thinking" (meta-thinking) sets off an infinite loop that always ends in a headache. Maybe one day it will end in enlightenment. Is it possible the human mind is so complex that no individual human mind could EVER hope to understand it in it's entirety? I wonder if this could be proven mathematically - or maybe it has already by Godel?
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