Tuesday, November 27, 2007

iTunes University Podcasts

I have recently (re) discovered the iTunes University. This consists of podcast lecture series available for free download from the iTunes store. Many of these are 'enhanced'- meaning they come with a slideshow. This is useful, but watching on a last-gen ipod is almost impossible- unless you have a magnifier handy. (It's a lot easier to read them thru iTunes on the lap/desktop). The other problem with the 'enhancement' is that there is no way to see where the lecturer's laser pointer is pointing.

Content-wise, most of these far outshine the average radio episode podcast- although they are a lot less polished. Speech impediments, overinclusiveness, digressions and bad nerdy jokes are the order of the day. Nothing seems to be edited at all.

Favourite lecture series : (go to iTunes and do a search from there)
1) Geography of World Cultures, by Martin W. Lewis (Stanford).
2) The Ancient Mediterranean World, by Isabel Pafford (Berkeley)

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