Sunday, November 04, 2007

iMAC: Like a Sexy but Annoying Foreign Girlfriend.

About a year ago i made the switch from PC (Dell) to Mac - and now have matching white laptop and last generation 24" iMAC. I thought it would be like trading a hyundai for a porsche... but more accurately it's like having a really sexy but annoying foreign girlfriend. In the afterglow, little things start to bother you and you begin to wonder how long the relationship will actually last.
Here is but one example. For months, Safari was pissing me off- but i thought i'd stick with it until the frustration of not being able to open web pages got too much. So, i downloaded Firefox, and picked an OSX "skin"... working well.
But... every f$^%ing pdf that i read ended up being downloaded to the desktop. This was despite setting the correct options under Firefox's preferences.
It turns out, i had to open Safari again and set the preferences from there (even though i don't even use Safari now) - so that all this crap now goes to a folder marked "pdf crap- empty folder regularly".
Still.. it is sexy....


  1. Some Guy5:36 PM

    Hold on.. You set a preference in one app, and expect another app to follow it? Not only that, the app you set it in is Firefox, which is notorious for being lousy about conforming to the users' expectations for the platform (whether on Mac or WIndows... Linux has no standards to speak of) and you claim that this is a problem with the Mac?

  2. Dear crazy zealot,

    Yes- i set the preference in one app, and the other followed it! I know this sounds odd.

    Also, i didn't want to use firefox.. but there were quite a few websites i needed to view (interactive java-type ones) that wouldn't work with Safari.

    I think if Mac was a country they would have suicide bombers.


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