Saturday, October 27, 2007

Better a Bottle in Front of Me than a ...

Congrats to Ed for a magnificent year or two of blogging on winosapien.

Although the fluid made from rotting grapes always tastes well .. "grapey" to me, i now know there are MANY other adjectives one can use. Now i punctaute my dinner party conversation with the phrases "cat's piss" and "chocoberries".


  1. Grant,

    You've been busy! Thanks for the great series of posts in the last few days, have been reading them and smiling.

    You should add 'sweaty saddle' and 'cow fart' to your vocab.

  2. wow.. do you know the chemicals responsible for those? H2S for the fart i'm assuming...? do cow farts smell different to human ones?

  3. Sweat saddle is from a microbial taint - brettanomyces. I'm sure Maiken would approve given her love of smelly cheese. The cow fart would be a sulphur thing. Some sort of SH/thiol thing.


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