Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What the Bleep Do We Know? We Know that this Film is a Fucking Waste of Time

"What the Bleep Do We Know?" starts off promisingly enough... it begins with a discussion the basics of quantum mechanics - indeterminacy, superposition etc but then rapidly disintegrates into one of the WORST films i have ever had the misfortune to watch.
One of the problems is a confusion of 'scales'! Sure, a subatomic particle may 'exist' in a spread out wave of probability before detection shrinks it down to a particle.. but these effects are minimal on a macroscopic scale... and do nothing to explain why the pissed-off deaf girl has a "Being John Malkovich" moment at the end of the film. (She also has a few "Sliding Doors" moments- presumably these are meant to represent the "Many Worlds" theory).
Observing a photon, and therfore collapsing it's wave function is a little different from "Creating My Own Day"... no matter what some stupid chiropractor sitting by his open fireplace says. I didn't like the way he was fondling his own left hand during the interview either.
Seen as a comedy, this film is really pretty funny.
My favourite kook whose new age crap is advertised here is the woman who not only looks like she's dressed up in a Star Trek uniform -but also actually seems to have had the SAME facelift as William Shatner (see above).
It turns out that the woman (Mrs JZ Knight) is actually appearing as "Ramtha"... a 35,000 year old being that regularly posesses her.
According to Wikipedia, Ramtha has appeared in several court disputes. One involving the dissemination of material containing the copyrighted Ramtha. Another in Austria, involved a Berlin woman who also claimed to channel Ramtha. The Austrian Supreme court decided that JZ Knight was the only person who could channel the spirit Ramtha.

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