Friday, November 04, 2005

Computer Camp Love

My god this is such a GREAT song.. bloody funny! The video is even funnier- esp those confused looking Norwegian school students and the guy with the monobrow.... i wonder if that's Ketil

I was so impressed- i emailed the band:

Hi DataRock....

You Guys Rock!

I've emailed a link to computer camp love to all my cool friends .
Keep up the good work! Maybe you'll be famous. Do the "Grease" people know you nicked their lyrics? You could be in BIG trouble.



no i don't think the grease people know. let's hope they never will...
anyway, thanks for your interest and support. hopefully we'll come to australia in january next year.

best ,

Isn't the internet amazing? You can hear a song, visit the band's website, watch the video and email the bass player and get a reply all within 6hours.

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