Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eric Satie- Magritte's Bowlered Man?

Poor crazy Eric- he died a hermit - lived his last 25yrs in a tomb-like room with his umbrella collection and 7 velvet suits from his "velvet gentleman" period. (I think i may be on the verge of my next "velvet gentleman" period).... but what amazing music!
"Following a rather short adolescence, I became an ordinary young man, tolerable but no more. At that moment in my life I began to think and to write music. Oh yes.Wretched idea!... very wretched idea!It certainly was, for I lost no time in developing an unpleasant (original) originality, irrelevant, anti-French, unnatural, etc...Then life became so impossible for me that I resolved to retire to my estates and pass the rest of my days in an ivory tower - or one of some other (metallic) metal.That is why I acquired a taste for misanthropy; why I nurtured hypochondria; why I became the most (leaden-like) miserable of men. It distressed people to look at me - even through hall-marked gold eye-glasses. Oh yes.And all this happened to me because of music. That art has done me more harm that good, really: it has made me quarrel with people of quality, most honourable, more-than-distinguished, terribly genteel people.Let us pass on. I shall come back to this subject later." ES

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